Stop Smoking Today
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Stop Smoking Today

Have you tried time and time again to stop smoking with only limited success?  Willpower is an amazing thing, and it is a helpful part of our motivation, but it is only temporary, which is why we often find that we can do something with willpower alone for a few weeks, but then we find it more and more difficult to maintain.

Please contact me for a free consultation and to discuss how Hypnotherapy in Derby can help you stop smoking forever.Stop Smoking

All sorts of things go through your mind if you have tried to stop smoking, and it has not been as successful as you had hoped.  You feel disappointed and often berate yourself for being a failure.  This is negative, and simply serves to reinforce the habit.  There is often outside pressure too, from your family, friends and perhaps your working environment.  Increased stress levels can lead to an increase in cigarette smoking, with the belief that it relaxes you. Nicotine is actually a stimulant, so rather than relax you, it puts you on high alert, which can in itself be stressful and exhausting.

Hypnotherapy to stop smoking is helpful in so many ways, and can give a permanent, positive outcome to the habit for many people.  Hypnotherapy also helps with relaxation and focus, and increases the general feeling of well-being.

Hypnotherapy to stop smoking is usually carried out over one two-hour session, where we discuss your smoking history, the elements of smoking that you enjoy, and the reasons you want to become  a permanent non-smoker.  

The therapy part of the sessions will address the underlying drivers, which have created and maintained the addiction over time.  Once these drivers have been neutralised, the transformation from smoker to non-smoker is so much easier.   During the therapeutic part of the session, you are completely relaxed yet aware of everything that is happening and in complete control at all times.  

You can stop smoking today, with Hypnotherapy in Derby.