Client Centred Hypnotherapy
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Client Centred Hypnotherapy

Client-centred hypnotherapy is where the hypnotherapist fits appropriate techniques around their client, rather than trying to fit the client to the technique. It is a participatory process where the hypnotherapist works with the client towards a permanent positive outcome.

We are all different, and consequently, respond differently to different stimuli. A competent hypnotherapist will have learned several different techniques during their training, and the client-centred approach means that the hypnotherapist will use the technique that is best suited to the needs of the client, creating the best possible foundation for a permanent positive outcome.

Client-centred techniques help clients use the power of their own minds to change, while the hypnotherapist serves only as the guide or facilitator of such change.

It is a common myth that hypnosis is something that someone else “does to you.” Hypnosis is actually a state of focus and concentration that cannot be forced upon you, meaning that all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. The power of our mind is incredibly strong, and no hypnotist in the world can hypnotise someone that doesn't want to be hypnotised. Conversely, anyone who wants to be hypnotised can be. The hypnotist is simply guiding the client through self-hypnosis, and when in hypnosis, using hypnotherapy to help the client make the permanent positive changes to the areas of their lives for which they are seeking hypnotherapy.

The basic requirements for hypnosis to occur are the desire to be hypnotised and the ability to follow simple instructions. Another common myth is that someone with an analytical mind cannot be hypnotised. This is not true, and often the sharper the mind, the more easily you will find it to focus, but again, this is where a skilled hypnotherapist, practising diversified client-centred hypnotherapy will use a technique that is suited to that mind style.