Hypnotherapy In Derby Testimonials
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I'd like to thank my clients for trusting me to use their words on my website.  Therapy is a very private thing, and as such, I have used initials or first names only, but the testimonials written below are all exactly as provided by my clients.  Thank you so much if you have contributed, as it gives others the reassurance that they might need at what is possibly a very difficult time for them.  If you'd like to contribute, please drop me an email.  Many thanks indeed, Franca. 

"Oh my days...I have been asleep for 10 hours...Thank you hypno bloomin therapy!"

Insomnia Client - K, from Derby

Hypnotherapy In Derby"Franca is a highly motivated, comprehensively trained and experienced Clinical Hypnotherapist. On paper some might argue that there is no difference between the large number of similarly qualified professionals out there. However, I have previously used therapists and from the very first consultation with Franca it was obvious her approach and capabilities differentiate her 'from the pack'.
Working with Franca is not just about the regular consultations which are highly effective. She takes on your case and immerses herself on a mission to assist you in achieving your end goals. She swiftly, yet sensitively gets to the point and then applies a whole host of very relevant and interesting theoretical approaches through to many practical techniques that can be appled in the real world. Franca supplemented the proceedings with the lending of informative books and CDs and often provided me with homework for the week as this was appropriate for my case and my personality. Every week when I arrived at my consultation she had a string of ideas ready on how to take the case forward with real enthusiasm. In short Franca does more homework than her Clients!
I would also stress Franca's resilience levels. There may well be times when you feel you are going backwards, not forwards - it's likely, yet natural. However, if something isn't 'hitting the mark' rest assured Franca is onto the next approach. She is never beaten!

I highly recommend Franca's services, no matter what the nature of your challenge. She has helped me to develop a 'toolkit for life' that enables me to navigate through any situations presented to me. Thanks Franca!"

P from Derbyshire


Hypnotherapy In Derby"Going to meet a therapist to talk about your problems, was a daunting situation for me.  That is where Franca’s personality prevailed with me.  She listened to me and made me feel at ease straight away, and more importantly she was interested in me and what was making me unhappy.
I was really shocked that I opened myself up to Franca as much as I did on the first session but this showed me how relaxed I was in her company.
I’ve had three sessions with Franca and I feel strong mentally and physically now, she has shown me how to relax in myself and more importantly take charge of my emotions.
She is a wonderful person and very good at her job.  I wouldn’t be where I am now in my life if it wasn’t for her!
Thank you so much."

Ben from Burton on Trent

“I was passed from pillar to post within the NHS services, and I was eventually offered CBT. Sadly I found the whole experience an unpleasant one. This was not because of the therapist, but personally I found the approach was unsuitable and too textbook for me. Though, I found myself at a critical point and in need of something more appropriate. I had contemplated hypnotherapy years before but had never had the courage to go ahead with it.  Despite my previous hesitations I decided to pursue hypnotherapy. However, even trying to find a suitable hypnotherapist was difficult in its own right.

I came across Franca and immediately felt a positive vibe from her bio and her photograph. I decided to email first to explain that I had a Pandora’s box of ‘issues’, and thought I would check if I was beyond help before attending any sessions. Franca was extremely reassuring from the word go. I know that it is hard for people to imagine what hypnotherapy sessions entail, and I can assure you it is nothing like the television shows that depict people walking around and clucking like chickens. The experience is a relaxing one, and I have never once felt uncomfortable or embarrassed as everything somehow feels just so natural, which is a real credit to Franca’s professionalism.

I remember my first few sessions were emotional roller-coasters as I divulged my innermost demons, which had plagued me for years. I have never felt judged by Franca, but instead have been received with warmth and empathy. Franca has helped me to understand myself including why I behave the way I do in certain situations, as a result of my previous life experiences. The process is a very reflective one, and my advice to people wanting to seek hypnotherapy is to embrace it and be open minded, that way it is more likely to have a positive effect on you. It is important to be aware it isn’t necessarily a ‘quick fix’ and requires you to invest in yourself.

Through therapy I have learned how to come to terms with things of the past and realise that I don’t have to let those things rule my life. Whilst I don’t believe in ‘cures’ I know that I manage myself so much better than I ever have before. Since attending therapy I have quit some bad habits (which I never thought was possible). I now have more belief in myself, and was even able to pass my driving test first time, again, something I had only dreamt of. Hypnotherapy has helped give me confidence to apply and be offered a university place to study at Masters level. I also recognise that I have come on leaps and bounds in terms of my own self-acceptance. I am now more at peace with being a ‘square peg’, having previously been consumed by it.

I know it may sound so cliché, but with Franca’s help I cannot even begin to express how she has enabled me to turn my life around. I’m in one of the best places I’ve been in my life, and I have her to thank for that.”

K from Derby

I just wanted to say a big thank you for helping me with my issue.  20 years of on and off hospitals, seeing different people haven't ever cured me, but you have.  I haven't thought about food in that way for what seems like a few months and it feels fantastic!  I have lost a stone now and I feel I am getting to have a normal relationship with food at last!  

I can't tell you how normal / different I feel and I can't thank you enough.

C from Derby


I can't thank you enough for the positive changes you have helped me make. When I came to you I had lost my confidence and was suffering with anxiety and panic attacks.  I had tried CBT therapy twice and this is the only thing that worked.  I'm now calmer, more like my old self and feel I am getting better and better each and every day, I am also on the road to no longer being on medication! Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

Michelle from Derby



Hypnotherapy for Eczema

I’ve been meaning to message for some time now but I just wanted to let you know that my eczema cleared up a week after our last session and I haven’t had it since!! I can’t believe it after suffering with it for over 2 years, I’m so happy I just wanted to let you know that you’re a miracle worker, so thank you!  

Steph from Derby